It's what you don't see that really matters.

At the center of every successful business is a product, service, or idea that sets that business apart for all others. For SureHosting our product, service, and idea that sets us apart is Core. Core is our name for our data center services. From within Core we are able to hold sensitive information, create backups for our clients' information, create storage solutions, provide flexible/scalable high availability servers and virtual machines for client use, blend bandwidth, and many other services.

We house Core in highly secure data facilities around the globe. When a client stores data with us, we automatically save our clients' data in multiple locations in order to provide multiple layers of backup protection for our clients. We have always guarded their products, services, and propriety information with unwavering dedication. All of these services are provided through systems that in all cases are at least double redundant systems. Core is a powerful solution we have created to support our client's business growth.

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