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A President's Prayer

Thursday evening April 12, 1945, radio
stations interrupted all broadcasts to
report that President Franklin Roosevelt
was dead. It was critical time because
World War II was at a critical point.

Vice President. Harry Truman was
sworn in. In his address to Congress
ended dramatically. Lifting his face
and arms upward to heaven, he said:

"I humbly pray Almighty God,
in the words of King Solomon:

"Give me an understanding heart with
which to judge your people. I ask only

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to be a good and faithful servant of my
Lord and my people.''

"Truman words were in keeping with his
faith in God. He said the following prayer regularly throughout his life:

h! Almighty and Everlasting God,
Creator of Heaven, the Earth,
and the Universe.

Help me to be, to think, and to do
what is right, because it is right.

Make me truthful,
honest, and honorable in all things.

Make me intellectually honest,
for the sake of right and honor,
without thought of reward to me.

Give me the ability to be charitable,
forgiving, and patient with my fellowmen.

Help me to understand
their motives and their shortcomings,
even as you understand mine!  Amen
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